Rayford S. Bowen, 36, lives in Glendale, California. He was born and raised in a family of environmentalists. He is an avid surfer and works as a Technical Support Specialist. Lucky enough to be born into a family that valued outdoor experiences in the ocean, on the land, and in the mountains.

This helped foster an environmental ethic within him and inspired him to pursue this current advocacy path. He says that Access Advocates comes from what he believes in. His love for the environment has laid the foundation for who he has become as a person.

Growing up in San Diego, Rayford’s nearest national forest was the San Bernadino National Forest. A place for camping and hiking with awesome scenery in the mountains for clean fresh air.

For Access Advocates, public lands foster the next generation of environmental enthusiasts. These public lands also provide solitude, a sense of adventure, and an escape from the nuisances of everyday life. It is a haven away from most human development.

So Access Advocates is building a movement of people that loves the American public lands. Custodians of the environment. Organizations that advocate for access to public lands. Organizations that conduct various activities, conduct various projects, and educate the public and communities on how to take part in preserving access to public lands and why it is important to do so.

Communities need public lands the most. These communities face the same enemy in different forms from bearing the disproportionate burden of air and water pollution, to facing voter suppression laws and more. There is a need to broaden the movement to not only be eclectic, but also fair and comprehensive.

These lands are American lands, American places, and American treasures. To learn more about what we stand for and do, contact us today.